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Dragon Ball Super TCG Realm of the Gods Prerelease is this weekend Friday March 4th-6th!

Join Pre-release Tournaments for Set 7 -REALM OF THE GODS- and get pre-release exclusive promo cards!  Players who purchase 1 booster box during the pre-release period will receive will receive 1 additional pre-release pack! Each Realm of the Gods pre-release pack includes 2 packs Each Pre-release kit comes with 6x packs of Realm of the Gods, 1x Foil SSG Trunks… Read more →

Magic the Gathering Kamigawa Neon Dynasty Prerelease Begins Friday February 11-17, 2022

Launch: February 18, 2022 Prerelease kits and preordered Draft and Set Booster boxes can picked up during prerelease week while supplies last! Prerelease week is from February 11-February 17, 2022 Kamigawa is a world familiar to many players. It is the birthplace of several beloved creature types, and its legends shape battlefields to this day. But the time of The… Read more →