ComicHub Preordering

With quite a number of new comics to read, we’ve got you covered to save time AND money. With our ComicHub New Comic Book Discount combined with our Free Legacy Rewards Program, preordered comics will get you 30% off New Comics, Paperbacks, Graphic Novels, Hardcovers, Magazines, Price Guides and Books!

Click on this link Join ComicHub Discount Program to start saving!  Once you sign up please contact us here to get your password.

Preordered Discount Savings

MARVEL and DC comics are 25% off cover price*

MARVEL and DC Hardcovers, Trade Paperbacks, Graphic Novels, Magazines and Books 25% off cover price*

Other publisher comic books are 25% off cover price*

Other publisher Hardcovers, Trade Paperbacks, Graphic Novels, Magazines, Manga and Books are 25% off cover price*

and Free Comic Bags and Boards with all Preordered New Comics!

Shipping and Curb Side Pickup

Let us know whether you would like us to ship or pick up your comics at curbside.  We can ship weekly, bi-weekly or monthly with USPS or UPS.  Shipping costs would apply.  This is how we ship.

Discount Terms

There are no discounts on games, portfolios, apparel, prints, statues, models, collecting supplies, trading cards, videos, posters, or any non-comic book item of any kind.


Non-Refundable Deposits are required to receive the discounts.  ComicHub customers are required to place a minimum deposit of 50% of the total preordered after discounts and that deposit is due by the end of the month.  If the minimum deposit is not made by the end of the month on your order, the items will have no discount.  

Discounts are applied on orders submitted on ComicHub before the Final Order Cut-Off (FOC) date of the item preordered.  Any items ordered after FOC are subject to availability and may not be filled or discounted.

No deposits are required if you want to join ComicHub and have your comics pulled with no discounts.  You will still get Free Comic Bags and Boards on your New Comic purchases when joining ComicHub and preordering without a deposit.  Items preordered will be held for two weeks without advance notice.  We reserve the right to remove any items preordered after two weeks from arrival if not paid for.

We do not guarantee any grades on items shipped but do our best to ship comics in the Nearmint range.  If items received are damaged beyond the Nearmint range and are not printing flaws such as print roll creases, color rubbing, and other print related defects, we will attempt to replace first before refunding.  Our grading decision is final and we must consider the item below a 9.0 on the comic grading scale to qualify for a replacement or refund.

Any items ordered that are canceled by the publisher will be refunded by credit only. ComicHub orders are non-refundable. Notifications of any cancellations, re-solicitations and time of credit is solely your responsibility. We reserve the right to allocate any item that has been shorted us by our distributor. We reserve the right to cancel any allocated order. Any price changes or errors in information from publishers, and ComicHub, are not the responsibility of Legacy Comics and Cards Inc.   We reserve the right to refund any items purchased on ComicHub for any reason.  Items preordered and not picked up or shipped by 2 months from their arrival date, can be removed from your order and any prepaid items would be forfeited.  Exclusives, allocated items, and incentive/ratio comics and variants can change in price at any time unless prepaid at a quoted price.

* All exclusives, distributor allocated and incentive/ratio comics are excluded