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Step 2: Print and Fill-out both forms.

Step 3: Bring your forms into the Store or send it to us via Email, along with your pre-payment (we’ll let you know how much is due).


Discount Savings

All MARVEL and DC comics
33% off cover price

All other comic publishers
20% off cover price

All MARVEL and DC Hard Covers, Trade Paperbacks, Graphic Novels, and Magazines
33% off cover price

All other comic publishers Trade Paperbacks, and Graphic Novels (except Hard Covers and Magazines)
20% off cover price

Discount Terms

There is no discount on books, games, non-comic book magazines, portfolios, apparel, prints, statues, models, collecting supplies, trading cards, price guides, videos, posters, or any non-comic book item of any kind.

There is NO MINIMUM ORDER, all you have to do is purchase or download a PREVIEWS magazine and turn in the order form booklet to get your discounts! All order forms are to be PRE-PAID to receive the discounts.

PREVIEWS magazine contains the most comprehensive comic and comic related products to be offered two months from now. Therefore you are pre-ordering items coming at least 2 months ahead of time. Once your order is turned in we will pull aside your comics, when they come out, with your name on it, behind the counter. No more worries on whether your favorite comic is sold out!

Previews are due back to us on the 18th day of every month. Any order form that comes in after the due date is subject to a 10% less discount.

Any items ordered that are canceled by the publisher will be refunded by credit only. Order forms are non-refundable. Notifications of any cancellations, re-solicitations and time of credit is solely your responsibility. We reserve the right to allocate any item that has been shorted us by our distributor. We reserve the right to cancel any allocated order. Any order form errors made by Previews or by employees of Legacy, that are deemed not paid on any item(s), will be withheld until full payment of item(s) are received by Legacy. For pick up customers, if your order is not picked up by 6 months from their arrival date, we reserve the right to confiscate the items and your payment on those items are forfeit. There is a 3% Fee for using Paypal or Credit Card to pay for an order. Personal checks are welcome.

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