With quite a number of new comics to read, we’ve got you covered to save time AND money. With our Pullbox New Comic Book Discount, you can get as much as 33% off new Comics, Paperbacks, Graphic Novels, and more. Get started with three easy steps; there’s no need to sign over your newborn, give up rent or get a second mortgage.

Step 1: Download the Discount Form, to see the huge discounts!  Click on this link to learn more about Pullbox.

Step 2: Click to get us your email to be invited to join Pullbox.

Step 3: Bring in or email us at [email protected] your signed discount form and start your Pullbox orders & subscriptions!

Discount Savings

All MARVEL and DC comics 33% off cover price

All other comic publishers 20% off cover price

All MARVEL and DC Hard Covers, Trade Paperbacks, Graphic Novels, and Magazines 33% off cover price

All other comic publishers Trade Paperbacks, and Graphic Novels (except Hard Covers and Magazines) 20% off cover price

Shipping and Curb Side Pickup

Let us know whether you would like us to ship or pick up your comics at curbside.  We can ship weekly, bi-weekly or monthly with USPS or Fedex.  Shipping costs would apply.

Prepaying for your Pullbox Orders

Once your pullbox orders are complete we will email you a total due at the end of each month.  You can send your payments to us via Venmo or personal check.  There is a 3% Fee for using Paypal or Credit Card to pay for your Pullbox order.

Discount Terms

There is no discount on books, games, non-comic book magazines, portfolios, apparel, prints, statues, models, collecting supplies, trading cards, price guides, videos, posters, or any non-comic book item of any kind.

There is NO MINIMUM ORDER, all Pullbox orders are to be PRE-PAID to receive the discounts.

Pullbox orders are due on the 18th day of every month. Any orders that come in after the due date are subject to a 10% less discount.

Any items ordered that are canceled by the publisher will be refunded by credit only. Pullbox orders are non-refundable. Notifications of any cancellations, re-solicitations and time of credit is solely your responsibility. We reserve the right to allocate any item that has been shorted us by our distributor. We reserve the right to cancel any allocated order. Any order form errors or price changes made by Pullbox or by employees of Legacy, that are deemed not paid on any item(s), will be withheld until full payment of item(s) are received by Legacy. For pick up customers, if your order is not picked up by 6 months from their arrival date, we reserve the right to confiscate the items and your payment on those items are forfeit.