Relief Fund for U.S. Comic Retailers

Mad Cave Studios is organizing this fundraiser.

  • Created March 19, 2020

Miami-based comic book publisher, Mad Cave Studios, has created the Comic Book Retailer COVID-19 Relief Fund, with the goal to help out local comic book shops that are struggling in these turbulent times.

In the last week, the comic book industry has been crushed as we move into an unknown future of what the industry is going to look like in the coming months. Customers are doing the right thing in social distancing, but that puts pressure on the retailer to continue to order product for a customer who is not coming to their shop. Stores have been forced to close because of this and we couldn’t stand by and watch this happen without doing what we can to help out the direct reason why the comic industry is still going.

This fundraiser will provide a one-time donation to comic shops around the U.S. to help them keep employees on payroll, mitigate risk, and keep the lights on. We will be fulfilling requests for aid evenly across the comic book retailers that contact us directly with their information.

Our goal is to raise a minimum of $100,000. Mad Cave Studios is personally putting $10,000 to kick start the massive support for this campaign and we hope that the rest of the comic book community can join us as we reach our goal to be better the lives of those affected. We plan on providing donations to all of the comic shops that contact us requesting aid. If we surpass our goal of $100,000, the amount that these shops receive will increase accordingly.

To apply for the donation, comic book retailers should contact our Director of Sales and Retailer Relations, Manny Castellanos, at with their information to be put on the list of recipients. After the campaign is over, all of the confirmed applications will be emailed to provide information about the best way to receive the donation.

Comic book shops are not just places where you get your comics from, they’re places that foster community, creativity, and offer an escape from the troubles in your life. They are spaces where you can truly feel safe in who you are with people that understand how you feel. Please support us in our effort to keep those places around for years to come.

If any other publishers or organizations want to partner with us in this effort please contact us at so we can forge a path together and help as many people affected by this as possible.

Help spread the word with the hashtag #ComicRetailerReliefFund and let’s make sure that comic shops get the help they deserve!



100% of funds contributed will go directly to the relief of comic book retailers; no overhead or administrative costs will be applied, as Mad Cave Studios holds no claim to any of the donations. The total amount distributed will depend on the amount donated in the coming weeks and how many retailers reach out to us. 

Donations to GoFundMe cannot be claimed as a tax write off. 

For transparency purposes, we will provide records and receipts of distributed funds on request AFTER the campaign has closed. However, all personal, identifying information of applicants will be kept confidential.

Scout Comics is Here to Help Comic Shops!

Scout wants to help.

First and foremost, we here at Scout Comics hope you and your families are all safe during this insane time we find ourselves in. So much has changed in the last two weeks, leaving all of us in the industry wondering what we’re going to do to survive in this new “normal” we are about to go through.

After discussing things with the rest of the Scout partners we’ve decided to follow suit with the same amazing idea that our friends at TKO! and Black Mask are implementing.

If any of our customers purchase anything from Scout’s website and puts our shop name in the memo box at checkout, Scout will send 50% of the purchase price to US

Comics, Cards, Collectibles & Coronavirus

Hi Friends,

I hope you and your family are keeping safe during this time!
We at Legacy Comics and Cards are hanging in there as best as we can during this time.

If you have not heard already our comic distributor, Diamond Comics, has stopped all comic shipments starting on April 1st and we have heard, but not been confirmed, that they will not be shipping any comics for the whole month of April during the rise of the pandemic.  All comic shipments that were due in April will be pushed back but with no dates as of yet on when these April shipping items will be released as it’s all very fluid and unprecedented in our 30 years in being in business.  

We have been forced to close along with all non-essential businesses for the time being with no knowledge on when we can reopen again.  We have an employee at our shop during these store hours of Mon-Sat 11:30-7pm able to offer curbside pickup of orders, take phone calls and handle orders over the phone or via email to ship to you.  We cannot allow customers inside our shop to browse or to purchase for the time being, but we can pull comics or graphic novels off our shelves or pull MTG, Yugioh, Pokemon, DBS single cards for you, or order anything you know we have in our shop for curbside service or to ship to you.  

Please check out our website as we have an online shop with a vast amount of comics, cards and toys to order or preorder:

If you don’t see an item in our online shop contact us here to see if we have it in our shop or to check to see if we can order it for you:
Contact us

We have the post office coming to our shop every day except Sunday to pick up packages that we are shipping worldwide!

Our mail order/curbside pickup service is the only thing keeping us afloat right now and we appreciate your business and support during these tough times.

Stay safe and much thanks for your past and current patronage!

Howard Chen and the crew at Legacy Comics and Cards

Legacy Comics and Cards

123 W Wilson Ave.Glendale, CA 91203





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