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Magic the Gathering Guilds of Ravnica Booster Box with Buy-A-Box Promo on Presale!

[bs_button size=”md” type=”info” value=”Preorder Now” href=”https://legacycomics.com/shop/magic-the-gathering-guilds-of-ravnica-booster-box/”] Guilds of Ravnica Booster Box Includes the Buy-A-Box Promo Rare “Impervious Greatwurm” Card Which You Can’t Get in Boosters! While Supplies Last Early Release Date: During Prerelease on Saturday September 29th & Sunday September 30th (if you are unable to attend the prerelease to pick up or purchase your box, you will have to… Read more →

MTG Aether Revolt Presale Begins Now!

Presale ends 1/19/17.  Releases 1/20/17   http://magic.wizards.com/en/products/aether-revolt   Preorder a booster box and receive a FREE Buy-A-Box promo foil rare “Scrap Trawler” while supplies last!  Limit 1 Buy-A-Box promo per customer. [bs_button size=”md” type=”info” value=”Buy Now” href=”https://legacycomics.com/shop/magic-the-gathering-aether-revolt-booster-box-presale-with-buy-a-box-promo/”] [bs_button size=”md” type=”info” value=”Buy Now” href=”https://legacycomics.com/shop/magic-the-gathering-aether-revolt-bundle-presale/”] Read more →

Magic the Gathering Eldritch Moon Booster Box and Fat Pack Presale!

The last protections over Innistrad have faded. Ancient powers reach forth to corrupt the plane, and now Innistrad’s fate rests in the hands of unlikely allies… http://magic.wizards.com/node/1030591   [bs_button size=”md” type=”info” value=”Buy Now” href=”https://legacycomics.com/shop/magic-the-gathering-eldritch-moon-booster-box-presale/”] Preorder Eldritch Moon Booster Box Every booster box presale includes a Foil Alternate Art Rare Eldritch Moon Buy-a-Box Promo “TBD”.  Limit 1 promo per person while… Read more →

MTG Oath of the Gatewatch Buy-A-Box Promo Revealed!

[bs_button size=”md” type=”info” value=”Buy Now” href=”https://legacycomics.com/shop/magic-the-gathering-oath-of-the-gatewatch-booster-box/”] Preorder your booster box today and receive the special Foil Rare Buy-a-Box Promo “Goblin Dark Dwellers” Card for FREE while supplies last!  Limit 1 Buy-A-Box Promo per customer.   Check out some more promos here: http://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/promos-oath-gatewatch-2015-12-29 Read more →