Supergirl #16 Artgerm Variant Now on Presale!

SUPERGIRL #16 VAR ED DC COMICS (W) Steve Orlando (A) Robson Rocha, Daniel Henriques (CA) Stanley Lau “PLAIN SIGHT” part two! Public pressure runs high and there’s no debate-you’re either for Supergirl or against her! As the people of National City divide over their feelings on Supergirl, the teen hero finds it increasingly hard to balance her daily life with… Read more →

Phoenix Resurrection Return of Jean Grey #1 Artgerm Variant Presale!

  On SALE for $3.99!  Save $1.00 off the cover price!   PHOENIX RESURRECTION RETURN JEAN GREY #1 (OF 5) ARTGERM VAR MARVEL COMICS (W) Matthew Rosenberg (A) Leinil Francis Yu, Artgerm She will return, like a Phoenix from the ashes. Years ago, Jean Grey died and the X-Men mourned her. Since then, the world has changed, her teammates have… Read more →