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Our 1st ever comic themed WhatNot Stream is here! Tuesday June 11th @ 9:30am PDT – Join us for $1 auctions and free giveaways!

Our first ever Comic themed WhatNot show is almost here! The first few shows were all Magic the Gathering, but the time for comics is upon us!!!!!

Tune in for some great $1 auctions and some free giveaways !!

This Tuesday, June 11th, at 9:30am, The Amazing Spider Manus and Alfredo from the shop will be kicking off the fun. Download the WhatNot app and join us.

We will be giving away a few copies of a Legacy Comics exclusive cover of Champions #1, which is Artgerm’s first Marvel cover ever!! The beginning of Artgerm’s legacy started at Legacy!

We will also be auctioning tons of ratio variants!

Set an alarm ! We will see you then!