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Catwoman #50 Variants Now Available on Presale

(W) Tini Howard (A) Nico Leon, Sami Basri

Estimated Ship Date 12/20/22

Punchline and her Royal Flush gang are causing mayhem in Alleytown and things are blowing up–literally!–so Catwoman calls in backup! We all know the cat has nine lives, and the same can be said about her gang! But what’s a nine-person heist without a little danger, maybe some…death? And, uh-oh, those handcuffs definitely don’t look like the sexy kind, but what’s worse is Selina has bigger things to worry about right now: like her ex-lover and current lover in the same room! At least she’s criminally good at being bad!

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Catwoman #44 Variants Sozomaika, Jenny Frison and Jeff Dekal Now on Presale

Harley Quinn and Catwoman get their gals’ out-of-town trip at the roller derby crashed when some mysterious creep runs them off the road…and then follows them around at the derby!

But this is Catwoman and Harley Quinn—you stalk them, and you’ll pay for it…maybe with a limb or two.

Meanwhile, there seems to be more than one lurker in the shadows because Red Claw is on the scene looking for the girls too…but you’ll have to pick up the issue to find out why!

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New Sozomaika Catwoman Variant On Presale!

Catwoman Variants On Presale

Artists: Jenny Frison, Dani, Jeff Dekal, Tula Lotay

You know what they say—some of them are gonna love you, and some of them are gonna hate you—but it doesn’t matter as long as they need you. Black Mask wants to be the dirty little secret of the Gotham underworld, but Catwoman’s even better at being a secret when she needs to be. Thankfully she’s not afraid to have a little help—from Valmont, Onyx, and the newly minted Tomcat…exactly the kind of guy to let her in the house.

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Inferno #1 on Presale With Variant Covers by Artgerm, Peach Momoko, Mark Brooks, Greg Capullo and More Top Cover Artist Talent at 35% Off Cover Price

Artgerm Virgin 1:100 Variant

Save 35% Off Cover Price on All Non-Ratio Variants!