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Demon Days X-Men #1 Limited Edition Exclusive by Sabine Rich on Presale Monday 2/15/21 @ 9:00am PDT

Save 35% Off Cover Price When You Preorder Non-Ratio Variants! DEMON DAYS X-MEN #1 – Releases 3/3/21 MARVEL COMICS (W/A/CA) Peach Momoko From STORMBREAKER PEACH MOMOKO comes a Marvel story unlike any you’ve ever seen before! A wandering swordswoman with a psychic blade arrives at village that’s being targeted by demons. One demon is black and white with a terrifying… Read more →

King in Black #4 with Demon Days X-Men Story by Peach Momoko

PEACH MOMOKO’S DEMON DAYS SAGA KICKS OFF IN KING IN BLACK #4 BONUS STORY Get an exclusive first look at the world of Peach Momoko’s Demon Days: X-Men! New York, NY— January 6, 2021 — Today, Marvel is delighted to announce that fans can get their first look at Marvel Stormbreaker Peach Momoko’s all-new DEMON DAYS saga in a six-page bonus story in February’s KING IN BLACK #4! Announced last month, Momoko will be making her highly-anticipated Marvel Comics… Read more →

Mark Brooks Exclusive Uncanny X-Men #1 Variants on Presale!

On Presale Now!   Cover A, B & C Set $79.99 [bs_button size=”md” type=”info” value=”Preorder Now” href=”https://legacycomics.com/shop/uncanny-x-men-1-mark-brooks-exclusive-variant-cover-a-b-c-set/”] [bs_button size=”md” type=”info” value=”Preorder Here” href=”https://legacycomics.com/product-category/uncanny-x-men-1/”] Cover A – 90s X-Women Pink Logo cover limited to 3000 produced.  $14.99 [bs_button size=”md” type=”info” value=”Preorder Now” href=”https://legacycomics.com/shop/uncanny-x-men-1-mark-brooks-exclusive-variant-cover-a/”] Cover B – Virgin Psyblade Cover limited to 1500 produced.  $29.99 [bs_button size=”md” type=”info” value=”Preorder Now” href=”https://legacycomics.com/shop/uncanny-x-men-1-mark-brooks-exclusive-variant-cover-b/”] Cover… Read more →