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Simone Bianchi. Avengers Now. Legacy Edition Variant.

The amazing talent of Italian painter, Simone Bianchi, one of Marvel’s top artists will be doing our next Legacy Edition Variant for Avengers Now #1.  Releases week of November 2nd.  Presale begins Wed Oct 5th at 11:00am.   [bs_button size=”md” type=”info” value=”Buy Now” href=”https://legacycomics.com/shop/now-avengers-1-legacy-edition-color-exclusive-by-simone-bianchi-presale/”] Read more →

Just In! Vision Avengers Age of Ultron MMS Sixth Scale Figure

[bs_button size=”md” type=”info” value=”Buy Now” href=”https://legacycomics.com/shop/vision-avengers-age-of-ultron-figure-by-hot-toys/”]   “Well, I was born yesterday.” One of the biggest highlights of the record-breaking film Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, is the introduction of the new characters! Originally planned to be the perfect “evolution” for Ultron, the Avengers were able to retreive the android, Vision, and make him a valuable ally for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes… Read more →