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Captain Marvel Leads the Avengers in New Trials and Tribulations with Stunning New Variants on Presale Now

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Jed MacKay and C.F. Villa’s AVENGERS #1 arrives on May 17.

New York, NY— April 13, 2023 — Next month, superstar writer Jed MacKay and Marvel’s Stormbreakers artist C.F. Villa launch a new run of AVENGERS starring Captain Marvel, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Black Panther, Scarlet Witch, and Vision. This team of some of Marvel’s greatest icons will assemble when they’re gifted with knowledge of THE TRIBULATION EVENTS, a series of grand-scale disasters that will spark upheaval throughout the known universe. Will this powerhouse team be able to triumph and learn the truth behind these incoming earth-shattering threats? And how does Kang’s ambitious quest for the “Missing Moment” tie into all this?

Fans can see the team’s unmatched strength in the all-new AVENGERS #1 TRAILER, featuring never-before-seen artwork of the new lineup flying into action against Terminus. Under the inspirational leadership of Carol Danvers, the AVENGERS are ready to confront anyone and anything that dare to endanger the planet, but the cosmic significance and insurmountable stakes of their new mission threaten to take a heavy toll on even the mightiest of super heroes.

“Putting her [Captain Marvel] in the big seat of the Avengers is a logical progression for the character, to my mind, and applying the challenges of leading a team like the Avengers to a character with the sensibilities of a brash fighter pilot has been a lot of fun,” MacKay told Polygon in an interview earlier today which also included an exclusive preview of the debut issue.

Check out the trailer as well as all the variant covers now, and pick up AVENGERS #1 on May 17!

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