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Variants So Good, They’re Mumm-Ra-vellous! Claim Your ThunderCats #1 Today!

Calling all Cat-tastrophe survivors and Thundera fans! The iconic ThunderCats are back in a universe-shattering new comic book – and Legacy Comics and Cards in Glendale has your front-row seat to the action!

Save up to 30% off when you preorder!

THUNDERCATS #1 isn’t just a nostalgia trip – it’s a high-octane adventure for comic lovers of all ages. Get ready for:

  • A THUNDERTACULAR reboot! Declan Shalvey and Drew Moss, comic book titans, blast the ThunderCats into the future while honoring their classic roar.
  • Claws-out action! Lion-O leads the charge against the Mutants of Plun-Darr and the sinister Mumm-Ra in a battle for the fate of Third Earth.
  • Eye-popping art! Stunning visuals by Shalvey, David Nakayama, and a galaxy of superstar artists will leave you speechless.

This is a THUNDERCATSMASH you won’t want to missPre-order your copy TODAY at Legacy Comics and Cards and unleash the roar with us!

Bonus Thunder-points:

  • Share this post and tag your Thundercats crew! Let’s make the Eye of Thundera shine!

Legacy Comics and Cards: Your purrfect destination for all things Thundercats! Come experience the roar!

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