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Scorched #1 Now on Presale. Todd McFarlane Signed 1:250 Variant with CGC Certificate of Authenticity Available




If you purchase the Signed 1:250 Variant we will continue to submit it to CGC for you if you so choose!  Please see details below:

Scorched #1
Signed 1:250 Incentive Variant
Includes CGC Certificate of Authenticity

As a CGC authorized dealer we can submit your copy purchased directly to CGC to be graded as a Signature Series slab which will ship directly to you.  We charge the exact same fees as shown on the CGC website

Scheduled to release 1/12/22 



(W) Sean Lewis (A) Stephen Segovia, Paulo Siqueira (CA) Todd McFarlane

The first ALL-NEW issue of TODD McFARLANE’s superhero team book!
There’s a threat so big that no single hero can stop it, and the formation of this new supergroup is the only thing standing in its way. Members will include SPAWN, REDEEMER, GUNSLINGER, MEDIEVAL SPAWN, and SHE-SPAWN, with many more heroes waiting in the wings!
Join the battle in this FIRST ISSUE extravaganza as the forces of heaven, hell, and earth collide!
REGISTER PITCH: An Avengers-esque ensemble of superheroes and the latest entry in SPAWN’S UNIVERSE. Hook readers of KING SPAWN and GUNSLINGER SPAWN, as well as longtime SPAWN fans. 

CGC is teaming up with Todd McFarlane for an exclusive Signature Series graded option for the highly anticipated Scorched #1 limited quantity Signed 1:250 Retailer Incentive variant cover. Each individual ultra limited-edition Scorched #1 variant comic book will now receive a certificate of authenticity granted by CGC with each signed copy when customers submit their enclosed CGC coupon to have it graded and sent back to them with a yellow CGC Signature Series Label included. (Any fees associated with grading remains the responsibility of the customer.) CGC will have an authorized witness at the signing with McFarlane and to further protect the authenticity and security of each signature, advanced measures have been taken so the COA cannot be replicated. Also, in order to receive a Signature Series grade the following instructions MUST be followed.

  1. Become a CGC member if you are currently not.
  2. Email the Signature Series team that you will be submitting your signed Scorched #1 with COA to CGC. They will supply you with a simple form to fill out.
  3. Get your book ready for shipment. IMPORTANT: Keep the COA and the signed Scorched #1 together. The COA must be present to receive a CGC Signature Series grade. Don’t forget to add the form, from the Signature Series team!
  4. On the outside of your shipping box put the initials T M on all sides.
  5. Ship directly to the Signature Series team’s attention.  ATTN: Signature Series
    5501 Communications Parkway
    Sarasota, FL 34240

Each copy of the Scorched #1 limited quantity Signed 1:250 Retailer Incentive variant will be bagged and boarded and individually signed and numbered by McFarlane. Todd will be flying out to the Diamond headquarters in Baltimore prior to the release to the book and will personally select the best-of-the-best condition comic for each customer to be signed.

Image will be shipping these variants as close to the release date of the regular Scorched book as possible and will be packing them with additional care that they arrive at stores without damage. Because Image cannot guarantee that shipping damages will not occur in transit, there will be an opportunity for us to submit photo evidence of significantly damaged copies to Diamond Retailer Services at which point, Todd McFarlane will make every attempt to make sure that every customer is satisfied with their book. Note that Image does not guarantee any specific condition or minimum grade on the comics received. Damaged copies will also need to be sent back in order to qualify for a replacement.

Scorched #1 includes a 1:250 retailer incentive cover for retailers who order 250 copies. McFarlane will hand-sign and create a unique sequential number for each issue just like he did for the record-breaking King Spawn and Gunslinger Spawn #1 (based on the Final Order Cutoff total). Each signed Scorched #1 1:250 includes a CGC Certificate of Authenticity that retailers can send in and redeem though CGC to have their books graded. This is the only time McFarlane will sign the Scorched #1 1:250 incentive copy issue.

Author SEAN LEWIS and artists STEPHEN SEGOVIA & PAULO SIQUEIRA bring the Year of Spawn to a close by grabbing up all the various Hell-spawns and She-spawns and Redeemed Spawns and Spawns with hats and Spawns with swords, throwing them all into a dutch oven, and baking it like a delicious cobbler. Get your bowls and spoons and get ready to dig in. 
By now, hopefully you know what you are in for with this book. When these books were announced, the man-behind-it-all, TODD McFARLANE, promised an EVENT (in big letters), and I think it’s safe to say he, and his many co-conspirator, delivered. Old fans and new have come out of the woodwork to get in on it, the hype turned out to be very real indeed, and SPAWN is a blockbuster, as fate intended. With THE SCORCHED, it all gets tied up in a bow, and an infernal version of a classic superhero team has arrived. We made it, everybody!
ADDITIONALLY… SPAWN creator, Image Comics co-founder and President, and master ink-slinger TODD McFARLANE himself, will be signing copies of this first issue, as an incentive when you order 250 copies. This will work the same as KING SPAWN, and GUNSLINGER SPAWN. Copies will be signed and numbered, shipped separately, and there is an option for CGC certification, if you are of that persuasion. Fans have been rabid for signed works from one of the most popular creators in modern comics, and this is the final chance at such an opportunity, in this, the YEAR OF SPAWN, TWENTY-TWENTY-ONE.