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Batman Spawn #1 Comic Bundles Featuring Todd McFarlane and Greg Capullo Signed Variants Available on Presale!

More covers to be revealed! Batman Spawn #1 One Shot A-T 20-Cover Variant Complete Set Batman Spawn #1 A-O, S-T 17-Cover Variant Bundle Batman Spawn #1 One Shot A-K, S-T 13-Cover Variant Bundle Batman Spawn #1 Jim Lee One Shot Variant Cover G Batman Spawn #1 One Shot Blank Variant Cover I Batman Spawn #1 Greg Capullo & Todd McFarlane… Read more →

Spawn #314 Will Showcase Capullo & McFarlane Art Process in Three Breathtaking Variant Covers

SPAWN #314 WILL SHOWCASE CAPULLO & MCFARLANE ART PROCESS IN THREE BREATHTAKING VARIANT COVERS PORTLAND, Ore. 12/21/2020 — Image Comics is pleased to unveil three stunning Spawn #314 covers drawn by Greg Capullo and inked by Image Comics Co-Founder Todd McFarlane, which will showcase the creative process from the raw pencils, to the inks, and finally the colored version. All three of these collectible covers will showcase the three steps in making a… Read more →