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Cyber Week Sale Begins

Even More Sale Items Added Daily!Cyber Deals Week Ends Monday December 5th Huge Savings on Action Figures and Statues, Comics, CGC Graded Comics, Pokemon TCG, Magic the Gathering TCG, Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG, Dragon Ball Super TCG, Digimon TCG, Metazoo TCG, and Funko Pops! Read more →

Digimon Draconic Roar Theme Booster Box [EX-03] Available Now

Release Date: November 11, 2022 Booster Pack: DIGIMON CARD GAMETHEME BOOSTER DRACONIC ROAR [EX-03] The third theme booster themed on “Dragons” is now available! In addition to various Dramons and the Four Great Dragons, You can also enhance the dragon-related Digimon that have been introduced so far! Check out the box topper forDRACONIC ROAR! Box Topper Each booster box contains… Read more →

Digimon Xros Encounter Booster Box and Starter Decks Jesmon and RagnaLoardmon hit shelves for the prerelease starting Friday October 14

Releases: October 14, 2022 DIGIMON CARD GAMEBOOSTER Xros Encounter [BT10] The 10th Digimon Card Game set is here! Featuring for the first time, Taiki Kudo, Kiriha Aonuma, Nene Amano and other characters from the anime Digimon Xros Wars! Check out the box topper forXros Encounter! Box Topper Each booster box contains 1 Alternate-artcard and ST-11 Special Entry PackOne of 6… Read more →

Digimon X-Record Hits Shelves the 29th of July With a Prerelease Event this Friday the 22nd

X RECORD (BT-09) Pre-Release Tournament Friday July 22nd A new Digimon Card game theme booster is finally here! This 9th booster themed around X-Antibody, includes characters from the anime Digimon Ghost Game! Card types: 112 types Rarity Common: 44 types Uncommon: 30 types Rare: 26 types Super Rare: 10 types Secret Rare: 2 types Contents:1 Booster Pack contains12 cards each.… Read more →

Digimon Digital Hazard EX-02 Booster Box Releases Friday June 24

A theme booster in celebration of the 20th anniversary of Digimon Tamers is now available! Featuring only Digimon, tamers and option cards related to Digimon Tamers! Release dateNorth America: June 24, 2022 Card types74 types Rarity Common: 26 types Uncommon: 20 types Rare:18 types Super Rare: 8 types Secret Rare: 2 types Parallel: 30 types Contents1 Booster Pack contains12 cards… Read more →