Yu-Gi-Oh! Exclusive Pack

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Exclusive Pack is a special pack, released at the time of the film Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie: Pyramid of Light and contains cards used by Seto Kaiba and Anubis in the film. Each pack contains the same eight cards.


Each pack contains 8 cards, including:

August 1, 2004
Card number Name Rarity Category
EP1-EN001 Theinen the Great Sphinx Ultra Rare Effect Monster
EP1-EN002 Andro Sphinx Ultra Rare Effect Monster
EP1-EN003 Sphinx Teleia Ultra Rare Effect Monster
EP1-EN004 Rare Metal Dragon Common Effect Monster
EP1-EN005 Peten the Dark Clown Common Effect Monster
EP1-EN006 Familiar Knight Common Effect Monster
EP1-EN007 Inferno Tempest Common Quick-Play Spell Card
EP1-EN008 Return from the Different Dimension Common Normal Trap Card

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