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Dark Beginning 1 is the 14th booster pack in the TCG. It is the first set to feature Yugi Muto on the pack, as all the other sets usually have Yami Yugi.

Dark Beginning 1 is the first reprint set in the TCG, containing the Japanese sets Duelist Legacy Volume.1, Duelist Legacy Volume.2, and the first “half” of Duelist Legacy Volume.3 (i.e., most cards from LOBLON). It contains all 5 pieces of “Exodia the Forbidden One“, as well as many other cards with decreased rarity. Also, it contains a few cards never before seen in boosters.

Designed for beginners, every pack has 12 cards—instead of the normal 9—and a “Tip Card“, which has a special tip to increase your game knowledge. Dark Beginning (and all other Reprint Packs) always contain 6 Monster Cards, 3 Trap Cards, 3 Spell Cards, 1 Tip Card and 1 or even 2 rares.

Yugi Muto‘s appearance on the cover of this booster pack is taken from the title page for Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium World Duel 47: “The Silent Duelist!!.

12 cards per pack, 24 packs per box. Includes 250 cards, comprised of:

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