Pokemon Sun & Moon Cosmic Eclipse League Cup Sunday January 5th – Event Ticket


Sunday 1/05/20 @ 9:00 am (Registration) 10:00am (start time).  Max 32 players.

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Pokemon Sun & Moon Cosmic Eclipse League Cup @ Legacy Comics and Cards

Sunday 01/05/2020 @ 9:00 am (Registration) 10:00am (start time). Max 32 players.

Entry Fee: $15.00 Standard Format League Cup Event

No Refunds for Cancellations if Your Spot is Not Filled.

Important! Please enter your Name and Pokemon Play # in the purchase note section of checkout for who the event ticket is for.

You must have a Pokemon Play # in order to participate in this special tournament. If you do not have a Pokemon Play #, come early so we can create one for you.

League Cups are the next Premier Events on the competitive Pokémon TCG ladder, right above League Challenges. They not only provide players with the opportunity to earn a greater amount of Championship Points, but they also offer players the chance to win exclusive Champion-stamped playmats and Promo cards that can’t be earned anywhere else.

This is a Standard Format League Cup!

Players need to have a deck list filled out and turned in prior to the start of the tournament. All players need to bring a deck legal in the Standard Format as well as damage counters and a randomizer (translucent die, official Pokemon coin, etc).

Rounds will be 30 minutes plus 3 turns. We will then cut to a top cut. Top cut rounds will be 60 minutes plus 3 turns.

The Standard format for the 2020 season will consist of the following expansions:

Sun & Moon—Ultra Prism and any expansions released afterward

-Black Star Promo cards numbered SM94 and up

-Cards from the following products are also legal:

-Dragon Majesty

-Pokémon TCG: Detective Pikachu

New expansions become legal for tournament play on the third Friday of the month they are released.

Prize Structure:

1st – Playmat, and Additional Promo Card + Championship Points

2nd – Additional Promo Card + Championship Points

3rd – 4th – Additional Promo Card + Championship Points

– Promo cards will be handed out when deck lists are turned in (While supplies last)

– Cosmic Eclipse booster packs will be given to the top 8 players per division (based on how many participate)

– In the case that there are less than 6 players for the Junior or Senior division, they will play together – their prizing will be added up all together. (Masters will have separate prizing regardless)

– If there are 6 or less Juniors AND Seniors all together, prizing will all be done together. Prizing would be done by the OVERALL standings.

Each player who participates will receive 1 Promo Card. Players to reach top cut will receive an additional promo card.

Prizes are based on 32 players. Booster prize allocation may occur if less than 32 players.

Championship Points:

Please view the link below for how Championship Points are awarded at League Cup tournaments.




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