LCSD 2023 Ranger Academy #1 Ejikure Foil Variant Cover H


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(W) Maria Ingrande Mora (A) Jo Mi-Gyeong (CA) Ejikure
If you had a chance to join the Power Rangers, would you do it? 13-year-old Sage lives on an isolated lunar colony with her adoptive father, but her days on the farm will change forever when she comes across a wreckage with wounded passengers… people from an academy training to be something called… POWER RANGERS! Fresh off their Free Comic Book Day preview, acclaimed YA author Maria Ingrande Mora (Fragile Remedy) and superstar artist Jo Mi-Gyeong (Eve: Children of the Moon) introduce a bold new expansion of  the Power Rangers Universe! For the first time, discover the amazing school where Rangers are trained, and find out for yourself which Ranger color you would join! Would you test your might as a Red Ranger, never surrender as a Black Ranger, inspire those around you as a Pink Ranger, show no fear as a Yellow Ranger, or prove that you’re the smartest kid on the team as a Blue Ranger? Enroll today!

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