Gargoyles Quest #1 Blank Authentix Variant Cover E


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(W) Greg Weisman (A) Pasquale Qualano (CA) Blank Cover

Acclaimed author and Gargoyles creator GREG WEISMAN is joined by artist PASQUALE QUALANO for an all-new chapter in the ongoing Gargoyles saga – and the stakes have never been higher for the Manhattan Clan!

Thwarted in her earlier attempt to gain control of the ancient magical artifacts known as the Original Keys to Power, the evil DEMONA has set her sights on three New Keys that will give her the ability to make any human in her vicinity into her willing puppet. All that stands between Demona and world domination are Goliath and the Manhattan Clan. But despite their best efforts, Demona always seems to be a step ahead, gathering one Key after another. And once she has them all, the entire human race had better beware!


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