Fearless Dawn The Bomb #4 Steve Mannion Blank Sketch Variant Cover C


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Fearless Dawn the Bomb #4 (of 4) Cvr C Steve Mannion Blank Sketch Var

(W/A/CA) Steve Mannion
The Origin story of Fearless Dawn Continues! Prissy Jones and Betty continue the frolics in their first bona-fide adventure, battling the EVIL menace on the home front. Hell-Bent on Revenge, The General busts out of Newberg prison and heads straight for Fearless Dawn! Will our hero survive the inevitable showdown?? Meanwhile…Fearless Dawn and Betty slide on their skin-tight leather costumes and get ready for action!! An unlikely friendship develops between Prissy and the bully Betty Magillicutty, and the stage is set for the finale. Short stories and pin-ups in the back!

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