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Pokemon Unlimited Base Set Booster Box Opening on YouTube by Shuffle Master Tuesday November 17th @ 4pm PDT!

We have partnered with Arin Hanson’s YouTube Channel Shuffle Master to open an unlimited edition base set booster box!

We are selling pack slots for the live break if you want your pack opened live by Arin! See details in the document below!

Limit of 2 packs per customer.

All booster packs will be encased in acrylic booster pack cases with a tamper proof, serial numbered seal after box opening.

Arin is the Shuffle Master.

He loves Magic The Gathering, Pokemon TCG, and trading card games in general. JOIN HIM AS HE ENJOYS THESE THINGS! With nearly 1,400,000 views of his box breaks, he brings a humor and love of his hobby for you all to see!

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