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Pokemon Base Set Unlimited Booster Packs Back in Stock

We started a YouTube channel showing the box breaking of a 1999 Pokemon Unlimited Booster Box which you can find here:

Watch as we open this factory sealed box as we check the box for authenticity and directly encase them to add confidence in your purchase of an untampered and unweighted booster pack with the chance to open a gem mint Charizard, Blastoise, Venusaur, Mewto and much more!

Don’t take the chance of purchasing investment grade booster packs in any other way as loose booster packs sold without this type of security can be risky as many loose packs out in the wild could be tampered with or do not give you the best chance of pulling a holofoil as many booster packs are sold after most if not all of the holofoils have been pulled from a box!

We sold out of our first Pokemon Base Set Unlimited Booster Box FAST and we expect these to sell out even faster! Get your investment grade, tamper proof and encased booster pack before these sell out!

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