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Pokemon Base Set Unlimited Booster Packs Available Now!

Although the live break was cancelled, Arin Hanson still was able to record the opening of our factory sealed trading card box to authenticate and encase these awesome blast from the past booster packs from 1999!
You can watch Arin go through all 36 booster packs and encase them in specially made hard acrylic cases and seal them with tamper proof labels individually serial numbered, that if taken off will show a voided sticker.
We wanted to show that these packs are 100% authentic, unweighted and untampered with and are the best way for you to purchase investment grade booster packs with the best chance of getting a possible gem mint Holofoil Charizard, Blastoise, Venusaur, Mewtwo and many more classic Pokemon Holofoils! With an average of 12 Holofoils in a booster box that is a chance of getting one in every three packs!

Don’t take the chance in purchasing packs that can be weighed or packs that come from leftover packs of a box with most if not all of the holofoils pulled.

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