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McFarlane’s Lowest Print Run Ever Released, and each book will be signed with its own UNIQUE number on it for King Spawn #1

PORTLAND, Ore. 07/23/2021 — The highly anticipated August launch of King Spawn #1 will have two exciting retailer incentive covers. There will be a Todd McFarlane’s King Spawn #1 1:250 retailer incentive that will be the lowest print run ever released by Todd McFarlane Productions. Additionally, each book will be hand-signed by legendary Spawn creator Todd McFarlane, and each book will have its own unique number on it. This is the only time McFarlane will sign the King Spawn #1 McFarlane retailer incentive issue. 

“After listening to the retailers who wanted more time and information about this new incentive, here is why this incentive book will be so special. First, each book will have its own unique sequential number on it (based on the final Final Order Cutoff total). Making each book a ‘one-of-a-kind’ item as no other book will have that same number!” said McFarlane, creator of Spawn and President at Image Comics.  

“Second, each of those books will also be signed by myself. This will mark the lowest print run I’ve ever offered to retailers! And I will never sign another copy of these books… meaning the total number of signed books will always be limited to this initial offering.”

“Third, you have my promise that I will never sign another copy of this book in the future.”

McFarlane also has revealed an art collaboration with Eisner Award nominated writer Donny Cates. Cates is a featured cover artist on King Spawn #1.

“I am always looking for ways to have fun and enjoy the process of making comics, and collaborating with Donny on this cover was a way of reminding myself of all the cool covers I used to see from creators when I was a young collector.”

The superstar creative team for this title includes writers Sean Lewis and McFarlane, and 

artists Javier Fernandez, Brett Booth, Philip Tan, Stephen Segovia, Marcio Takara, and McFarlane. Along with cover artists Greg Capullo, Sean Gordon Murphy, Puppeteer Lee, David Finch, Donny Cates, Booth, and McFarlane.

The release of King Spawn #1 is nearly three decades in the making and marks the first time a #1 Spawn issue has been available, in monthly form, in over 28 years. Issue #1 is a massive 56 pages thick with stunning art and action-packed storytelling.  

The King Spawn #1 continues the dramatic events from the recent blockbuster Spawn’s Universe #1 comic book. King Spawn is expected to have even bigger sales than the record-setting Spawn’s Universe #1

King Spawn #1 McFarlane signature and unique numbering will vary in placement on the actual books from the example revealed. The exact print run number will be available after FOC on Monday, August 2.

More non-ratio covers available for preorder at 35% off cover price:

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