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Magic the Gathering the Lord of the Rings Tales of Middle-Earth Special Edition with Scene Boxes

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Releases Friday November 3rd!


Special Edition Collector Boosters

Full of treasures any fan will find precious, these Special Edition Collector Boosters are packed with brand new art and foil treatments including Borderless Poster and Showcase Scrolls of Middle-earth versions of the most exciting The Lord of the Rings cards, Magic reprints featuring iconic Hildebrandt brothers art, and serialized, Double Rainbow versions of both Borderless Poster cards and Realms and Relics reprints.

Scene Boxes

Each of the new The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth Scene Boxes contains six mechanically unique traditional foil Borderless cards with art that combines to showcase the most epic scenes from The Lord of the Rings. Each box also contains six Art Cards, three Set Boosters, and a paper display easel!

Jumpstart Vol. 2

Jumpstart Boosters are a fast, fun way to jump into the game; just grab a friend, open two packs each, shuffle them together, and play. This second volume of The Lord of the Rings Jumpstart Boosters features five new cards and five more themes to explore Middle-earth; mix and match to try different combos!



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