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Lobo Sideshow Premium Format Figure is here!

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Product Summary
Feetal’s Gizz, it’s about fraggin’ time! Sideshow Collectibles is proud to introduce DC Comics’ Main Man, the Lobo Premium Format Figure.

Exploding into action with big guns, and an even bigger attitude, everyone’s favorite red-eyed, cold-blooded bastich is here to kill, rend, frag, and destroy all losers. Standing over two feet tall on a base that combines intergalactic motortech with Lobo’s fondness for space dolphins, the lunatic biker mercenary is decked out in killer gear, featuring hand-tailored costuming and more skulls than one can shake a hook at. Interchangeable portraits offer two distinct looks for the Last Czarnian, so collectors can show him off with death-metal dreadlocks and smoking a stogie, or with his spiked back ‘do and a demonic grin. An ultra-cool addition to any DC Comics collection, the Lobo Premium Format Figure is not recommended for wimps, dweebs, weenies, or those with a delicate constitution.

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