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Harley Quinn #1 Legacy Edition Inked Line Art Variant Sold Out!


We are now sold out of the extremely limited edition Harley Quinn #1 Legacy Edition Line Art Variant for online sales!  We are holding back the remainder of our copies of this variant for damages and in-store sales only.  We will NOT be offering this variant anymore on our website.  Thanks to all who preordered!

8 thoughts on “Harley Quinn #1 Legacy Edition Inked Line Art Variant Sold Out!

  1. How many did you sell? Did you submit any to CGC for grading?

    1. we are not sending out any of our harley variants to CGC as we just don’t have the time to do so

      1. What’s the print run on the line art Variant? The sketch one is 1500 and color is 3000? And the line art one?

          1. I didn’t see a response to the amount of linart variants were made.

  2. When do you expect shipping to begin on the Harley Quinn Artgerm books?

    1. we will be shipping starting on 8/3 on a first preorders in first out basis. We expect all preorders to be shipped by the end of that week

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