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Harley Quinn #1 Legacy Edition Final Global Print Runs Announced!

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We are very thankful for all of the preorders that we have received so far and it’s been overwhelming!  These Harley Quinn #1 Legacy Edition Variants stand as our best offering yet thanks to, what we consider, the best Harley Quinn cover ever produced by the extremely talented Artgerm!  With the Suicide Squad movie releasing two days after the release of Harley Quinn #1, we expect the demand to continue to grow for these exclusive covers.  To reward our preorder customers who have preordered we have offered the extremely limited edition Harley Quinn #1 Inked Line Art variant to those who have preordered sets by Friday July 8th to get one for their collections!


Click on the link below on how to order your copy of the Inked Line Art variant:


Legacy Edition is a partnership of four stores exclusive to selling these variants in four different global markets:

Legacy Comics and Cards in Glendale, CA:  North America:  3250 color / 2300 copic

Limited Edition Comix in the U.K.:  Europe:  1850 color / 1050 copic

Comic Odyssey in Philippines:  Asia:  800 color / 450 copic

Comics Mexico in Mexico City:  Mexico:  700 color / 200 copic


We are not disclosing the print run of the Inked Line Art variant which has the smallest print run of the 3 variants and is extremely limited.  Our final print run numbers have been turned in for these 3 variant covers and cannot be changed.


Thanks again to those who have preordered!



Legacy Comics and Cards

2 thoughts on “Harley Quinn #1 Legacy Edition Final Global Print Runs Announced!

  1. when will the Harley Quinn start shipping

    1. The Harley Variant doesn’t come out until 8/3/16 and will be shipping every day after until all preorders are sent out on a first preorder in, first out basis

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