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Funko DC Bombshells Specialty Series Mystery Mini Display on Presale!

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Coming December 2018!

Mint in Box

12 Blind Box Packs Per Display. 3 Exclusive Chase Figures Only Found in this Specialty Series Display! Randomly Assorted.


DC Bombshells Mystery Minis
Starfire, Raven, and Green Lantern are Specialty Series exclusives!

While there’s no denying that Mystery Minis are absolutely adorable, the 12-piece DC Bombshells
Mystery Minis are as fierce as they are adorable. The dream team includes Wonder Woman wielding
her lasso of truth, Batwoman, Batgirl, Harley Quinn and her trusty mallet, Katana and
Katana sword, Poison Ivy looking mighty green, Catwoman with whip in hand, Supergirl
looking ready to fly, Mera, Hawkgirl nonchalantly blowing a bubble with her gum,
Black Canary and Zatanna, all with a 1/12 rarity.

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