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Edge of Spider-Verse #5 Alan Quah Limited Edition Exclusive with 1st Appearances Galore Now on Presale

Edge Of Spider-Verse #5 Alan Quah Limited Edition Exclusive Trade Dress & Virgin Box Set

Edges of Spider-verse #5, by Alan Quah, is the next exciting chapter in the Spider-verse saga!
This limited edition exclusive features never before seen first appearances. Including a brand new Spider UK, Spinstress, Web-weaver, and Spider-Rex! With the Edge Of Spider-Verse ushering in a brand new era of Spider-characters. The End Of the Spider-Verse is coming and you don’t want to miss it.

Edge Of Spider-Verse #5 Josemaria Casanovas Variant Cover
Edge of Spider-Verse #5 Josemaria Casanovas Cover

Featuring 1st appearances of WEB-WEAVER, SPIDER-HUNTER & a character created by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, directors of the Into the Spider-Verse movie.

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