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Dark Trooper Star Wars the Mandalorian Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys Now Available

“You’re about to face off with the Dark Troopers. You had your hands full with one. Let’s see how you do against a platoon.” – Moff Gideon™

The Dark Trooper is a fearsome and deadly droid designed by the Imperials to take down the rebellious Mandalorians. These droids are equipped with powerful armor and weaponry, making them a force to be reckoned with.

The Dark Trooper Helmet was specifically designed to intimidate and frighten enemies, while the Dark Trooper Attack is powerful and relentless. If you’re facing off against these droids, you’re in for a fight!

The Dark Trooper Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys is a detailed and accurate replica of these droids as seen in The Mandalorian. The figure stands over 12 inches tall and features an intricate helmet design, fully articulated limbs, and a range of accessories including a blaster rifle and a knife.

For all the Mandalorian fans out there who want to add a menacing droid to their collection, the Dark Trooper Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys is a great choice. Order yours today!

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