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All Black Friday Deals Revealed!

Our yearly 20% off nearly everything Thanksgiving Weekend Sale is coming and here is the full list of the incredible deals we will have in store for Black Friday from 7am-Noon!  This sale is for in-store purchases only.  Available while supplies last.


40% off all Graphic Novels, Hardcovers, and Trade Paperbacks!

40% off all Back Issue Bin Comics!

30% off all Funko POP! Figures!
30% off all Marvel Select Action Figures!

30% off all DC Direct Action Figures!


Kaladesh Booster Box:  $79.99

From the Vault:  Lore Box:  $34.99

Jace Vs Vraska Duel Deck:  $11.99


XY Evolutions Booster Box:  $94.99

All Mythical Collection Boxes:  $8.99ea


Invasion: Vengeance Booster Box:  $64.99

Clash of Rebellions Booster Box:  $74.99

Rivals of the Pharaoh Duelist Pack Booster Box:  $57.99

Primal Origins Booster Box:  $34.99

New Challengers Booster Box:  $29.99

Dragons of Legend Series 2 Booster Box:  $49.99

Battle Pack 3 Monster League Booster Box:  $24.99

Yugi’s Legendary Decks:  $49.99

Legendary Decks II:  $29.99

Legendary Collection 3 Yugi’s World Box:  $34.99

Legendary Collection 5D’s Box:  $19.99

Rise of the True Dragons Structure Deck:  $5.99

Gearia Rampage Structure Deck:  $4.99

Yugi Moto & Seto Kaiba Structure Decks Set of 2:  $17.99

Space Time Showdown Super Starter Deck:  $5.99

XYZ Symphony Starter Deck:  $5.99


And throughout Thanksgiving weekend almost everything else is nearly 20% off!


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