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Pokemon Sword & Shield Fusion Strike Build and Battle Stadium Releasing on Black Friday

Build & Battle Stadium Build two decks from a powerful set of components—and then play right away—with this two-player Build & Battle Stadium set! Each Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield—Fusion Strike Build & Battle Stadium contains a massive set of cards, including two Build & Battle Boxes, one for you and one for a friend. Open the Build & Battle Boxes to start building. Each… Read more →

Pokemon Fusion Strike Prerelease is Now Saturday November 6th

Dear Pokémon fans and players, Following global shipping constraints affecting product availability, the Play! Pokémon team has made the decision to move the Sword & Shield – Fusion Strike Prerelease to 6-14 November. You’ll now be able to purchase your Build & Battle Boxes from your retailer starting the 6th of November. We thank you for your understanding. Kind regards,… Read more →

Pokemon Sword & Shield Fusion Strike Prerelease is Saturday October 30th

We are offering only a limited amount of Pokemon Fusion Strike Prerelease Kits on our website which includes an additional 3 FREE Fusion Strikes Booster Packs! Limit one per customer. When we sell out online we will have more available in-store only during the prerelease of Fusion Strike on Saturday October 31st at 10am! Sword & Shield—Fusion Strike The path… Read more →