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Dragon Ball Super Card Game Theme Selection Set History of Son Goku and History of Vegeta releases Friday June 8th

Gorgeous new illustrations!All 15 cards come with new illustrations recreating some of the most popular scenes!Offering more well-designed cards for the increased number of collectors in the UW series.Eye-catching packaging!A rare DBSCG package about 6 inches long by 8 inches wide.With a window that allows you to see the three cards that are the centerpiece of the package, it has… Read more →

Dragon Ball Super TCG Ultimate Squad Booster Box and Premium Pack Releases Friday June 3rd

BOOSTER PACK DRAGON BALL SUPER CARD GAMEUnison Warrior Series -BOOST-ULTIMATE SQUAD [DBS-B17] Release date June 3, 2022 Contents 1 Booster Pack contains 12 cards each.1 Box contains 24 Booster Packs. Rarity 292 Types Total!・Common (normal/holo) x60・Uncommon (normal/holo) x38・Rare (normal/holo) x30・Super Rare x18・Special Rare x15・Secret Rare x3 Release date June 3, 2022   Contents Booster Pack (B17) x4Promo Card x2 (same… Read more →