Pokemon XY Evolutions Booster Box Factory Sealed


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The Pokemon Card Game has been on sale for 20 years! Cards from 20 years ago are being resurrected so that they can be used in the modern format! The Pokemon Card Game was born in October of 1996, and to this date is sold in 74 countries. In total, more than 21.5 billion cards have shipped!

Many cards in this set are aimed at former players! The reprinted cards use the unchanged art from that era. The set is designed to evoke the nostalgia of the era, the fun of opening packs, and the fun of collecting, as well as bringing new surprises!

The set’s booster package artwork is a completely redrawn version of the original Base Set‘s booster pack artwork! The set’s lineup mostly follows the composition of Base Set.

As for current players, many new Mega Evolution Pokemon, Pokemon-EX, BREAK Evolution Pokemon, and Trainers are also included!

There are lots of cards that current players will want! All categories of Pokemon are included, and can be used to power up all sorts of decks!

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