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Phyrexia: All Will Be One Collector Boosters

First, let’s look at ONE Collector Boosters. I’ve listed these in the order they appear within the booster. I’ll also note that any listed percentage is rounded to the nearest whole number.

Phyrexia: All Will Be One Collector Booster Display
Collector Booster Display

Here are some of the images of the cards you can get inside ONE Collector Boosters for reference.

Panorama Full Art
Phyrexianized Full Art
Borderless Ichor
Borderless Ichor
Borderless Manga
Step-and-Compleat Foil Phyrexian Language

Collector Booster Breakdown

4 Traditional foil commons – Here, you will get 4 of the 101 commons from ONE’s Draft and Set Boosters.

2 Traditional foil uncommons – Here, you will get 2 of the 80 uncommons from ONE’s Draft and Set Boosters.

1 Traditional foil basic land – Each of the 5 panorama full-art basic lands and the 5 Phyrexianized full-art basic lands show up at an equal rate to one another.

1 Traditional foil rare or mythic rare – There are 60 rares (86% of boosters) and 20 mythic rares (14% of boosters) from the ONE Draft Boosters appearing here.

1 Extended-art rare – There are 29 rares from ONE Draft Boosters that we have given the extended-art treatment. These cards don’t have other variant art or frame treatments in ONE boosters, and the extended-art treatment is only found in Collector Boosters.

Green Sun’s Twilight
Extended Art

By the way, you can receive the Buy-a-Box promotional version of Green Sun’s Twilight by purchasing a Set, Draft, Collector, or Jumpstart Booster display at your local game store. These promos are available while supplies lastβ€”visit your local store to learn more!

1 Extended-art rare or mythic rare from Phyrexia: All Will Be One Commander decks (ONC), or an extended-art card from ONE Jumpstart – There are a total of 28 rares (92%) and 5 mythic rares (8%) that are found in this slot. The cards come from the 20 rares and mythic rares in ONC, the 5 rares from ONE Jumpstart, and the 8 rares and mythic rares that are new-to-Commander cards found in Set Boosters.

1 Common or uncommon with the ichor treatment – Cards with the ichor treatment feature brushstroke horror art. There are 6 commons (63%) and 7 uncommons (37%) that can be found in non-foil in this slot.

1 Foil common or uncommon with the ichor treatment – Fans of traditional foil cards can always look to Collector Boosters for an excellent way to find more of what they like.

1 Step-and-compleat foil – Step-and-compleat cards each feature Phyrexian symbols highlighted by a special foil laminate. There are 6 commons (38%), 7 uncommons (29%), 26 rares (22%), and 28 mythic rares (11%) that feature this stunning brand-new treatment.

1 Booster Fun rare or mythic rare – There is tons of possible goodness in this slot. Here is the list of sweet cards you will possibly get, all in non-foil. There are 5 rare borderless “fast lands” (13%), 16 rare borderless ichor cards (41%), 10 rare borderless manga cards (25%) including 5 Mirran heroes and 5 planeswalkers, 10 mythic rare borderless ichor cards (13%), 5 mythic rare borderless manga planeswalkers (3%), 5 mythic rare Phyrexian-language planeswalkers (3%), and 5 mythic rare borderless concept praetors (less than 2%).

In addition to showing up as one of the five praetors, the mythic rare Elesh Norn, Mother of Machines shows up in this slot in the borderless ichor treatment, borderless manga illustrated by Junji Ito, and Phyrexian language, each less than 1% of the time.

1 Foil Booster Fun rare or mythic rare or extended-art rare or mythic rare – Here, you get everything in the above slot as well as everything in the 29 extended-art rare slot listed above. Additionally, you can get select Commander extended-art rare and mythic rare cards. You get an extended-art rare or mythic rare in foil 49% of the time. The remaining 51% of cards are distributed proportional to the rates described in the previous slot above.

Here is a look at the Elesh Norn, Mother of Machines variations that can be found in ONE Collector Boosters.

Elesh Norn, Mother of Machines
Borderless Concept Praetor
Borderless Ichor
Borderless Manga
Phyrexian Language

Now that we have looked at the Collector Booster, let’s look closer at each treatment and where we can find these cards.

Ichor and borderless ichor cards – Sarah Wassell and Tom Jenkot, the Booster Fun art directors for ONE, worked with our artists to use a bold ink wash style to capture the essence of the Phyrexians. Adam Prosak and Grace Fong, the game and creative design team leads, selected the most Phyrexian cards in a set dripping with Phyrexia. There are 6 commons and 7 uncommons that have a bordered ichor treatment, and there are 16 rares and 11 mythic rares with a borderless ichor treatment. You will be able to find these ichor cards in Set, Draft, and Collector Boosters as well as select cards in the Collector Booster Sample Packs that come with Commander decks.

Borderless Ichor

Phyrexian-language cards – For those Phyrexian fans out there who are learning to read Phyrexian as they take over the Multiverse, there are five mythic rare planeswalkers in ONE, each with Phyrexian-language text and the Phyrexian frame. These are the five Planeswalkers that have been corrupted and Phyrexianized. In addition, we have Elesh Norn, Mother of Machines available in this style. These six cards can each be found in Set, Draft, and Collector Boosters.

Jace, the Perfected Mind
Phyrexian Language

Borderless concept praetors – With Phyrexia: All Will Be One celebrating the glory that is all of Phyrexia, we wanted to make sure that the five praetors each appeared within the set. We went back to the start of their creation and have brought to life Richard Whitters’s concept illustrations of each praetor with these borderless concept praetors. Each features the card from the set they were most recently in; so Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider is a new illustration for the Kaldheim praetor and is tournament legal where that card already is.

Here is a look at all five that you can find in Set, Draft, and Collector Boosters.

Borderless Concept Praetors

Borderless manga cards – To capture the intimidation and fear that the Phyrexians have wrought upon the Multiverse, the art team tapped into a horror manga style that highlights the aggression of the Phyrexians well. We worked with Kogado Studios, our Japanese partner studio, to bring this style to life. You will find each of the five compleated Planeswalkers as well as “what-if?” versions for five Planeswalkers who haven’t been Phyrexianized in the borderless manga treatment. In addition, we brought five legendary Mirran creatures into this style to further the speculation as to what those heroes would have looked like if compleated.

Borderless Manga

Junji Ito’s Elesh Norn – In addition to these 15 cards, we had the opportunity to pair the ultimate manga Horror artist, Junji Ito, with the star of Phyrexia: All Will Be One, Elesh Norn. Together, they created this phenomenal Magic card:

Borderless Manga

All of the borderless manga cards can be opened in Set, Draft, and Collector Boosters. Additionally, there are select borderless manga cards available in Collector Booster Sample Packs that come with the Commander decks.

Step-and-compleat foils – As we went to capture the monolithic power and vision of the Phyrexians, we used the step-and-compleat treatment to highlight the Phyrexian symbol with a special laminate. The Phyrexian symbol dances in the light accenting the 67 cards available in this style. The step-and-compleat foil treatment is available on borderless ichor cards, borderless concept praetors, borderless manga cards, and Phyrexian-language cards. The Junji Ito-illustrated Elesh Norn with the step-and-compleat foil treatment is a sight to behold!

These cards can only be found in ONE Collector Boosters, and you get one step-and-compleat foil in each Collector Booster.

Extended art – For each set, we want to make sure that each rare and mythic rare gets a special treatment. For those cards that don’t have one of the treatments above, we use our extended-art treatment to highlight more of the art. With ONE, there are 29 rares from the main set, 5 new rares from Jumpstart, and the new rare or mythic rare cards from the ONC Commander decks that can be found with the extended-art treatment. You can open all of these cards in Collector Boosters, as well as select extended-art Commander cards in the Collector Booster Sample Packs that come with Commander decks.

Borderless dual lands – Found in Set, Draft, and Collector Boosters, borderless dual lands bring the surreal dark beauty of Phyrexian landscapes to life. As lead designer of Scars of Mirrodin, I’m especially pleased to see this cycle of five “fast lands” return to Standard with new beautiful artwork.

Blackcleave Cliffs Copperline Gorge Darkslick Shores

Razorverge Thicket Seachrome Coast

Borderless Dual Lands

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