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To get on our Comic Pull List, click on the button below, Sign up for an account (or login), and click on the Connect button under Retail Connection. You will now be ready to create a Pull List that we will have ready for you every Wednesday morning. This Pull List Service is free!

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What is a “Pull List”?

A Pull List is a list of items collectors compile and provide to their local retailers. The retailer then in turn, “Pulls” these items as they arrive in the stores. Most lists are prepared with pen and paper and aren’t easily managed. Online Pull Lists from comiXology™ allow collectors to plan what they want to buy online and either designate them to be pulled by a participating retailer, or print out those lists and provide them to their local retailer. The comiXology™ Online Pull List system also allows visitors of the site to see what comics people are reading, and exposes them to items they wouldn’t normally purchase.

What is comiXology?

  • comiXology is a place to rate and discuss comics
  • Find every comic in the weekly release schedule, issue-by-issue
  • Keep your pull-list online
  • See related titles in a series
  • Post comments and share your opinion of every issue