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Edge Of Spider-Verse #1 Alan Quah Limited Edition Exclusive Connecting Variants Featuring Multiple First Appearances on Presale Friday June 24th @ 10:00am PDT

Look out for Alan Quah’s connecting covers for issues #2 to #5 of Edge of Spider-Verse, a Limited Edition Exclusive!

Featuring the 1st appearances of New Arana, Spider-Rex & Spider-Laird

Also available on presale:

Edge Of Spider-Verse #1 Leinil Francis Yu Spider-Rex Variant

Save 30% off cover price on all non-ratio variants!

Also available on presale:

Edge Of Spider-Verse #1 Humberto Ramos 1-10 Design Variant 

Edge Of Spider-Verse #1 Blank Variant 

Edge Of Spider-Verse #1 Skottie Young Variant 

Edge Of Spider-Verse #1 Bengal Connecting Variant 

Estimated ship date 8/3/22

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