Artgerm’s new Legacy Edition Cover featuring Ironheart! On Presale Now!

Artgerm has completed the next Legacy Edition Exclusive Variant for Invincible Iron Man #1 featuring Riri Williams as Ironheart!


On presale now!


Print run:  Color 3000, Copic 1500, Inked Line Art (Not disclosed.  Least of all versions)


Scheduled to release on 11/9/16.


invincible-iron-man-color-finalBuy Now

invincible-iron-man-copic-finalBuy Now

invincible-iron-man-ink-finalBuy Now


The art is based of Artgerm’s iconic Samus Aran image below.


All of these other variants are available for preorder now!

invincible-iron-man-hip-hopBuy Now

invincible_iron_man_1_raney_divided_we_stand_variantBuy Now

invincible_iron_man_1_young_variantBuy Now

invincible_iron_man_1_mckone_steam_variantBuy Now

invincible_iron_man_1_dekal_variantBuy Now

invincible_iron_man_1_coverBuy Now

invincible_iron_man_1_christopher_action_figure_variantBuy Now

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